Our Mission

We strive to create a fun learning environment that produces competent and confident Data Engineers. Feel secure knowing that you’re learning the most up to date cloud data technologies backed by curriculum developed and validated by professional Data Engineers.

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Anyone who meets our prerequisites has the potential to become a Data Engineer. We’re here to help!

Modern Competency

Technologies and standards are always changing, we make sure you are always up to date with the latest changes and trends.


We want to foster your passion for data with knowledge into a career where you’ll feel confident in making the right decisions based on industry best practices.


We want you to WANT to continue learning. No monotone professors. No unnecessary busy work. We cut to the chase while throwing a few dad jokes in here and there.

Need Help?

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All the Code! This is the stuff that powers the whole course.

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Meet The Team

The team behind Tura Labs is curious, collaborative, and eager to work on the cutting-edge of Cloud and Big Data technologies. Our developers thrive to make life for other developers easier. We hope that you enjoy our work, become a great data engineer, expand your career, and to that we get to geek out together in-person soon.

Parham Parvizi

Parham Parvizi

Jennifer Batara

Jennifer Batara

Software Architect
David Nielsen

David Nielsen

Software Architect
Adrian Agnic

Adrian Agnic

Software Architect
Raynal Reyes

Raynal Reyes

Lead Designer

Contact Information

+1 (503) 563-0134

2828 SW Corbett Ave. #206A

Portland, OR 97201


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